Related to my teaching methodology, you might appreciate others‘ views on PowerPoint:

As it turns out, PowerPoint has not empowered academia. The basic problem is that a lecturer isn’t intended to be selling bullet point knowledge to students, rather they should be making the students encounter problems. Such a learning process is slow and arduous, and cannot be summed up neatly. PowerPoint produces stupidity, which is why some, such as American statistician Edward Tufte have said it is “evil”.”

New Media:  Here is the 9/11 to which I referred in class today:

“A Quick Reaction” by Noam Chomsky

“Against Rationalization” by Christopher Hitchens

“Of Sin, the Left & Islamic Fascism” by Christopher Hitchens

“Reply to Hitchens” by Noam Chomsky

“A Rejoinder to Noam Chomsky” by Christopher Hitchens

“Reply to Hitchen’s Rejoinder” by Noam Chomsky

Here is Alejandro González Iñárritu’s short in the film 11’9”01 (each short is 11 minutes, 9 seconds and 1 image). 

Also related to our reading of Baudrillard today is a link to the movie that many credit Baudrillard for theoretically inspiring, The Matrix (1999).

Here is an excellent article by Noam Chomsky wherein he discusses the death of the university.

This is a must read, students: “Balázs and Eisenstein, An Exchange on the Future of Cinema” (1926).

For my Cultural Studies students, here is an article of pertinence to our class in
The Nation.