I am happy to write letters of recommendation for students who have studied with me for at least two semesters or if you have been a student under my direction for at least one year.  If you meet these requirements then please review the procedures for requesting a letter of recommendation from me.

For letters of recommendation request, you must provide me a file via email which consists of an updated resume, a description of your work and academic interests (400 words) and any forms that need to be completed. I ask you to provide this information at least four weeks before the official deadline. Only complete requests will be processed.

It is important for you to give me the written description of your work/research which should include each of the following paragraphs in this order:

1 Your past studies (a detailed description of your major, minor, para-academic interests and what you consider relevant in academic work). Focus on your academic work or writing or a specific course work. Describe, especially, works for courses you took with me. Include the names of the courses you took with me and the research for each course with a good description of written work.

2 Your current studies and activities with a detailed description of what you are currently undertaking. . Here, you should include a detailed description of a research work carried out as part of one of my courses (undergraduate students) or one of my seminars (students graduate).

3 Reasons why you need a letter of recommendation (ie. Scholarships, studies, training, etc.) and a developed description of your motivations and what you want to accomplish in the program or internship, for which you request the letter. Be very specific in this paragraph as I need to see exactly what you plan to do in the program/position for which you are applying in order to write an appropriate letter of recommendation. 

Your CV and description of academic work must be submitted by email (within the email body) and not as an attachment. If there is a form which I should fill out you must give it to me with the rest of the documents requested by email. Only the forms not available in electronic form can be deposited with the department secretary. For each form, you are responsible for completing any personal information about yourself (ie. name, date of birth, address, etc.) I am not going to fill this information for you and I will reject your application if such information is missing from your application!

Pay attention to your CV and description or work/academic interests because if these requirements are not completed correctly, or if your application is not submitted at least one month before the deadline for your application, I reserve the right to deny your request.

letters of recommendation