I am available for office hours in CS-567. For this semesters office hours schedule please check the current semester syllabus or the appointment calendar. 

Everyone must make an appointment to see me.  If you cannot make your appointment, please do not write me—simply cancel your appointment on the very same system.  Please make sure to select the appropriate section in the scheduling page.  Select “office hours” if you are seeing me as a student in one of my courses as an advisee.  If you  are scheduling time for your undergraduate thesis or if you are a graduate student,  then select “Graduate & Final Year Project Students.”  Students in my courses and new advisees are required to see me during the first four weeks of the semester.  This is the time for you to discuss your thoughts about the weekly readings and coursework. 

Students in my courses are also required to see me in additional office hours/tutorials that I will set aside in the weeks prior to the submission of your final paper proposal.  These extraordinary office hours are for you to discuss your research paper topics and for me to help you find the appropriate texts, resources and for you to present your ideas on this project.  Do not wait until the last minute for addressing issues related to your research paper proposal as my time resources are limited and these office hours must be shared among all the students.  Please note that when you come to see me about your research paper proposal you are expected to come with a one page draft of your proposal and a preliminary bibliography. Do not come to see me without something printed on paper. 

My office hours is for you, so please take advantage of this time I have set aside for you to to discuss other matters as well—the course material, position papers, or any other subject related to your studies.  If you cannot make my office hours, please discuss with me after class an alternative time and we can organize a suitable time to meet. 

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