Students who are working with me for their final year project or who are one of my undergraduate or graduate academic advisees are expected to meet up with me within the first three weeks of the Fall semester in which you are assigned as my student, no later.  It is important that we meet up to establish groundwork. 

FYP and graduate students are expected attend regular meetings in dedicated office hours to discuss the progress of your work.  For the first meeting you are expected to bring the following four documents:

1.A proposal wherein you elaborate your project and objectives of your final year project or dissertation.  Undergraduates must submit a three-page (1200 words) prospectus and graduate students must submit five pages (2,000words);

2.A preliminary bibliography of primary and secondary sources pertinent to the subject of your research. Your bibliography must include at least 12 (undergraduates) or 30 (graduate) primary and secondary sources.

3.A schedule of work to be completed, which will form the basis for the frequency of meetings which we will decide together;

4.A precise schedule of dates to turn in each chapter as well as the finished product of your work for the coming year.

You are expected at each meeting to bring your work in a a printed format. Please do not email me your work as I accept only physical copies of all research drafts.  Please do not show up at our scheduled meetings empty-handed.  Please use the online system to book an appointment with me   You need not write me an email to book an appointment—use the appointment link to schedule our time.  Likewise, should you need to cancel an appointment you can do so through the same booking system.  I prefer that our interactions are focused through our in-person meetings and not through email. Use the button marked “Graduate & Final Year Project Students” to book a 30 minute appointment for our first meeting in my appointment calendar.  Failure to keep your meetings with me or to submit your work as requested will have negative consequences for your continuance with your project.  When your thesis/dissertation is finalized, you will be expected to submit an electronic version of your research on ICE and as well a printed submission to me.

For my undergraduate academic advisees, you are likewise expected to meet up with me within the first three weeks of the Fall semester in which you are assigned as my student, no exceptions.  It is important that we meet to discuss your direction of studies, special circumstances, and your work placement.  For academic advisees, please choose an appointment under “office hours” in the appointment calendar.

For your work placement you are required to submit to me a one-page prospectus of your proposed work placement and to make an appointment with me to submit this prospectus.  In this prospectus you should detail the following:

  1. 1.A description of the project/field/domain in which you intend to work;

  2. 2.A description of the tasks and responsibilities which you would have to undertake for this internship to include estimated beginning and end dates;

  3. 3.A description of the expected achievements and contributions;

  4. 4.A description of the possible benefits, and learning outcomes;

  5. 5.The way this work placement will support your reflection and recognition of the learning and experience gained and how this might enhance or affect your future employability or continued professional formation in the case of future graduate studies.

If I agree that this prospectus fulfills your obligation for the work placement, you will then be required to fill out the “
Work Placement Agreement” form on a computer, print it out, and meet with me once more to go over the details. If I have not signed off on your work placement, do not come to me after you have taken on an internship and except that this will go well.  You are expected to follow the protocol for meeting up with me and to follow the steps in gaining approval for your work placement.  Failure to follow these steps will likely result in your having to redo your work placement. 

After your work placement is finished you must complete the “
Student Report on Work Placement” in clear and precise English. Remember, this is an official document that both you and others must sign.  Please ensure the coherency, grammar and syntax of your written answers, fill out this form on a computer, and turn this document into me in a meeting during my office hours in which I will go over this report and respond with questions and remarks.  If this needs to be redrafted, I will return this to you to be coherently rewritten; otherwise, I will sign and file the necessary documentation of your completion of the work placement.  This is a document that will remain with the university for its records. 

students under my direction