Please consult the MLA Formatting and Style Guide for your research and all written assignments.  Also become familiar with and a compact guide I have put together, Protocol for Submission of Written Work among other documents found throughout this website.  You are responsible for submitting your work as laid out in these documents on time. 

All work to be submitted via ICE will be indicated on ICE.  If you have questions about ICE please write the IT department.  (Please do not ask me about ICE as I will simply refer you to this website.)  You are required to present a hard copy of your final research paper to me in person to me during the class in which it is due.  Additionally, you must upload your research paper on ICE before you come to class.  Work submitted by others will not be accepted, nor will I not hand back work to anyone but yourself. 

For particular tasks please refer to the information menu on the right for guidance and clarification associated with all aspects of your coursework: textual analysis,  participation and preparation, position papers, proposals for research papers, research papers, policy on plagiarism, and various bibliographies where you can find numerous resources for your research detailed within past course syllabi.

Also feel free to refer to examples of various sample documents which might aid you in formatting your work as I require it, paying special attention to the first page:

sample position paper
sample bibliography
sample research paper proposal

  1. sample research paper

Remember, for all work submitted to me please do not use any form of a cover sheet, folder or binder. Just simply put a paper clip on the top, left-hand corner of your research paper which should include on the top left-hand corner of the first page the relevant information (ie. your name, course code professor’s name, and date of submission).  There are detailed examples and explanations abound on this website about how to format and submit your final research paper.

For help in understanding feedback to your written work, to include standard proofreading marks, please refer to the
Proofreading Symbols Guide.  You are responsible for reading through all comments each week and for making necessary improvements for the following submissions.  Try to learn from your mistakes and improve so that the critical process of thinking and writing will improve each week.

submission of written work